Protecting Our Economy of Life

Our Journey Continues. Please click here for more on our complex water sector simulation solutions for Emergency Managers, Incident Responders, port authorities, and maritime logisticians.

The economy of life includes every activity that makes it possible both to live during the pandemic and to emerge from the related crises (economic, financial, social and ecological) that it sustains.” – Jaques Attali, From Survival Mode to Economy of Life

Our Mission: Blue Ocean Analytics – Emergency Management for Tomorrow (BOA-EMT) builds capacity in an accelerating global threat environment by conducting catastrophic disaster assessments, simulations, and integrations. BOA’s disaster management services have cross-cutting benefits across Economy of Life-related sectors including:

  • Water (Emerging Maritime Threats, Emergency Management, Health and Safety)
  • Civil Protection (Emergency Management, Resilience, and Humanitarian Assistance)
  • Health (Preparedness and Continuity Planning, Application of Incident Command Systems (Hospital-ICS))

We are headquartered in Greater Boston, Massachusetts, USA with locations in Washington, DC, and the Hague Humanity Hub in the Netherlands. We have conducted work in East Africa, North Africa, Europe, and the United States. We are proud to be a women and minority-owned small business.

BOA-EMT is proud to be a member of the Hague Humanity Hub, an official Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) House. We are proud to be categorized by the Hub’s vibrant ecosystem of UN agencies and NGOs.