Civil Protection

We support jurisdictions and vulnerable populations by providing expertise in full-life cycle Emergency Management, Resilience, and Humanitarian Assistance.

Global Civil Protection Portfolio

Preparedness and Response

Emergency Management Practice Leader: Strengthening Emergency Preparedness and Response Capacity of Tanzania
(National Level) and the Dar es Salaam Multi-Agency Emergency Response Agency. Prime Contractor: Earthquakes and
Megacities Initiative; Funder: World Bank). Period of Performance: 2020-

Ongoing major effort in Tanzania

Emergency Management Practice Leader: Development of a Training, Exercises, and Drills program for Dar es Salaam,
Tanzania (Prime Contractor: Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative; Funder: World Bank). Period of Performance: 2018-2020.

Project Deliverables of Note:

– 4 Training Modules on Emergency Response Planning, Emergency Operations Center fundamentals, and Incident Command System

– Story Arc of simulations – (4 Tabletop Exercises, 3 Drills, 1 Functional Exercise)

– Emergency Operations Center Handbook

– Standard Operating Procedures for the Emergency Operations Center

– Updated Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Management Practice Leader: Integrated Emergency Management Systems; Urban Resilience Master Plan for the
Wilaya of Algiers (Prime Contractor: Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative; Funder: Wilaya of Algiers and Algerian national
government). 2018-2020.

Project Deliverables of Note:

– Technical Mission/Capacity Needs Assessment of Emergency Management in Algiers

– Emergency Management Situational Analysis Report


Recovery Subject Matter Expert: Revision of Emergency Management Institute Course E-209 – State Recovery Planning
(Prime Contractor: Ideation, Inc.; Funder: US Government. Period of Performance: 2018.

Project Deliverables of Note:

– Focus Group-based Subject Matter Expertise provided on Response-to-Recovery and Recovery-to-Resilience operations to support update of US Federal Emergency Management course for professional Emergency Managers.


Mitigation Subject Matter Expert: Benefit Cost Analysis in support of the City of Worcester Municipal Vulnerability
Preparedness Planning Project. (Prime Contractor: Punchard Consulting, LLC;, Kleinfelder. Funder: City of Worcester, MA,
USA). 2019.

Project Deliverables of Note:

– Benefit Cost Analysis for a range of mitigation options for:

a. Four Flood Assets

b. One system-wide Drought Asset

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