Our emerging product line, Emergency Management at +3C or EM@+3C is a uniquely tailored series of strategic intelligence briefs and training that model stressors to the Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance community through multiple lenses, including geopolitics. EM@+3C examines baselines of +1C, +2C, and +3C and even hints of further exopontial changes at +4C-6C.

EM@+3C examines complex emergencies through the lens of geopolitics, migration patterns, and humanitarian operations, and integrates geospatial products and predictive vision on climate disruption metrics. Past climate analogues tied to C02 and methane concentrations are also used as a baseline to predict future changes.

Just like our Disaster Management SME product, EM@+3C is deeply focused on building climate adaptation into every phase of the Emergency Management cycle to transform it into a spiral of resilience.


Please revisit for more updates on the launch of EM@+3C as it occurs.




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