Through previous experience covering the Middle East, Southwest, Central, and Southeast Asia, as well as the Pacific Islands, BOA-EMT recognizes that our global threat environment is rapidly changing. The influence of climate disruption on the Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance profession has been exceptional and will only continue to increase.

Our new product series, EM@+3C, is developing a pipeline of content that explores the linkages between climate disruption at +1C, +2C, and +3C across a variety of geopolitical issues that impact the Disaster Management and Humanitarian profession. We are developing both strategic intelligence projects and training to support stakeholders in the DMHA field adjust to an exponentiation threat environment.

In addition, please find an interview below we conducted with Francesco Femia of the Center for Climate and Security. Our discussion covers regions including the Asia-Pacific region as well as the Arctic. We hope you will enjoy our discussion and thoughts on our rapidly changing field.

Contact us anytime at if we can support analysis on a project.

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