Innovation through Partnerships

Serious Gaming, Transatlantic synergy, fly away kits, and climate catalyzed-strategic foresight are just some of BOA’s work in the Innovation Sector across Europe, the Asia Pacific, and Middle East/North Africa.

International Simulation Partnershipsfor Catastrophic Disasters

Serious gaming is a methodology to transport our clients to the many “alternate worlds” in a complex humanitarian threat environment and make clear, tactical decisions to update key response, recovery, and mitigation plans.

Please see BOA’s article on Climate Simulations and Serious Gaming in Ludogogy Magazine for a perspective on how our approach paints our disaster management simulations. Our detailed discussion with an international Ludogogy panel is also above.

Trans-Atlantic Synergy

American best practices in Disaster Management +

Dutch leadership in Serious Gaming +

Dutch supremacy in the Global Water Sector

Since 2019, BOA-EMT has had a presence in the Netherlands and it’s vibrant international ecosystem. As part of our operations we have engaged in a partnership to advance simulations, serious gaming, and intelligence and foresight in the cross-sectoral Disaster Management space. We are committed to supporting Dutch innovation fuse with American disaster management best practices.

Our partners–Goldsworthy, Stolk & Associates and the Utrecht Institute for Conflict and Simulation Studies–bring extraordinary expertise on matrix gaming and simulations. Please request our partnering booklet to learn more of our tactical approach and ready-to-deploy services.

Asia-Pacific Collaboration

GeriylaEOC prototype video: please note images are for concept only with no claim to copyright.

Fostering advanced disaster management solutions in the Asia-Pacific

We are partnering with innovative social entrepreneurs such as the Australia and Philippines-based NGO, the Inclusive Development and Empowerment Agenda (IDEA). We seek to bring advanced Emergency Management innovation and technologies to support humanitarian operations in the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

Above is an example of our evolving joint venture, GerilyaEOC–a fully integrated and curated disaster management fly-away kit for catastrophic events.

Strategic Foresight

Climate-catalyzed humanitarian strategic foresight in Eurasia and Africa

The broad concept of a Humanitarian Silk Road has inspired our climate-catalyzed intelligence analysis in Eurasia, into North and Sub-Saharan Africa, and even as an expression into the Arctic as a Polar Silk Road. This Silk Road concept is a major consideration as we look deep into the humanitarian issues facing Eurasia and Africa in a climate-catalyzed pandemic New Normal.

Above is a lecture given by the BOA Directors on Turkey’s future humanitarian operations as one example.

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