BOA-EMT Directors’ Recent Content:

America’s Pledge to the Paris Agreement

Climate Change Impacts on Wildlife and Livestock

Gentrification Happening in Southern Florida

Heavy Rain Events and Flooding are the New Norm

North Korea’s Collapse – An Anthropocene Inferno

Eurasia’s Megacity-Equivalent Population Explosion Currently Lives in Yemen

Hurricane Matthew and Haiti’s Devastating October Hurricanes – Exploring a New Potential Correlation

BOA-EMT Directors have been previously featured on:

The international “Faster Than Expected” climate podcast (Oct 2017):

XRadio – Podcast (May 2017):

The Center for Climate and Security: Pacific Warming – the Next Black Swan?

Devex: 5 Emerging Food Security Crises that May Predict Humanitarian Operations

Zomppa: Food Security Emergency Looming for Post-Sandy Haiti

EurAsiaNet: Turkey- Red Crescent Compliments Ankara’s National Security Objectives

Previous content also appeared in: Foreign Policy Magazine, Monday Developments Magazine, the Huffington Post, AccuWeather, Oxfam New Zealand, Coverage of recovery of post-Cyclone Pam’s devastation in the Pacific referenced in international shortwave radio broadcast in 2014.

BOA-EMT Directors have also interviewed experts including:

Francesco Femia of the Center for Climate and Security:

Robert Young Pelton, War Journalist and author of The World’s Most Dangerous Places:

Paul Beckwith, Climate Scientist, University of Ottawa, Canada:


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