Confronting the Humanitarian Stressors of the Future

Red Crescent2

With 150 years of experience in relief operations, the Turkish Red Crescent continues to evolve into a humanitarian force on the global stage. With operations that reach beyond its sovereign boundaries, the largest historical extent of the Ottoman Empire, and the greatest expanse of the Turkic World, the TRC is a robust NGO that responds to multiple simultaneous world emergencies. With deep engagement as diverse as responding to food insecurity in the Horn of Africa to supporting the Rohingya in Bangladesh, the TRC also provides critical support to over 3.5 million Syrian refugees in Turkey, and a brewing potential calamity just over its border in Syria’s Idlib province.

For a highly capable organization such as the TRC, what does the future hold in terms of increasingly complex humanitarian operations, refugee and migration flows, and accelerating climate change?

According to the World Bank, sea level rise could expose between 6 and 25 million people to coastal flooding in the Middle East and North Africa, including 43 port cities. An additional 80-100 million will be exposed to water stress and scarcity by 2025. And many cities throughout the region will pass a safe habitable limit for exposure to soaring temperatures.

The humanitarian stressors of the future will influence how a highly-capable NGO such as the TRC must adapt in a resilient manner to the response, recovery, mitigation, and preparedness aspects of sound disaster management.

On October 18, 2018, Blue Ocean Analytics, in partnership with the Turkish American National Steering Committee, will present a detailed analysis on this topic titled, Looking to the Future: Turkey’s Regional-to-Global Humanitarian Operations. Climate stressors including soaring temperatures, changing precipitation patterns, and even the consequences of a melting Arctic will influence the disasters and migration patterns in the TRC’s current theater of operations.

Please save the date. We kindly extend an invitation for Washington, DC partners to attend.

When: October 18, 2018

Time: 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Where: Turkish House, 1526 18th St. NW, Washington DC.