Water flows across 71% of our planet’s surface. Our disaster management activities in the Water Sector carry our work from New England and New York to the Netherlands to the Mediterranean, East Africa, and the even the melting Arctic. Our Co-Directors have deep experience in coastal, estuary, and riverine maritime environments. Our interests include the threats impacting maritime supply chains, including the cascading effects of covid-19 and climate change on maritime logistics.

Water Simulation Solutions

Blue Ocean Analytics is proud to announce the creation of a “complex water sector simulation.” Meticulously designed in mechanics and storylines, this solution can be deployed in an Emergency Operations Center or within a Zoom meeting. See here for more.


Our name, Blue Ocean Analytics, is an homage to the creation of an open water ocean in the Arctic. In our lifetime, it is likely we will bear witness to the first such Arctic Blue Ocean in this history of humanity–with tremendous implications for downstream climate and disaster impacts. BOA’s climate catalyzed disaster simulations integrate the downstream consequences of sea ice melt on jet stream patterns and extreme weather.

As a key synergy, we fully support the work of the outstanding Parvati Foundation and its work towards creating a Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary

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