Water flows across 71% of our planet’s surface. From floods to drought to Sea Level Rise and the sustainability of our oceans, our disaster management activities in the Water Sector carry our work from New England to the Netherlands to the Melting Arctic.

Our co-Directors have deep tactical experience in supporting resilient recovery from catastrophic storms in coastal, riverine, and estuary environments.

Complex Water Sector Simulations

A resource for Emergency Managers, Incident Responders, port authorities, and maritime logisticians.

Blue Ocean Analytics is proud to announce the creation of a “complex water sector simulation.” Meticulously designed in mechanics and storylines, this solution can be deployed in an Emergency Operations Center or within a Zoom meeting. See here for more.

Flood Resilience in Coastal New England

HELP Alliance – building resilience in vulnerable communities, including communities of color

The offshore waters of New England contain some of the highest Sea Surface Temperature anomalies on Earth. Vulnerable populations, including communities of color, are at risk from hazards ranging from coastal and riverine flooding, to storm surge, to sea level rise, to hurricanes and Nor’easters.

As shown in our launch webinar below, the Hazard Elimination and Loss Prevention (HELP) Alliance is a collaboration between Blue Ocean Analytics, the Massachusetts Coastal Coalition, and The Elevated Studio. Together, we foster resilience to climate-catalyzed flooding in vulnerable communities across coastal New England. Engage with us at HELP-Alliance.net. BOA is contributing our deep experience in contributing to resilience in coastal, riverine and estuary communities, including unique applications of Benefit-Cost Analysis.

Wargaming our Ocean’s Climate Emergency

Marine Disaster Simulations – catalyzing emergency preparedness across maritime sectors

Product Prototype Only: no copyright owned in imagery.

Marine Disaster Simulations is a transatlantic venture in the BlueTech space, Marine Disaster Simulations is a joint venture with our Dutch partners Goldsworthy Stolk & Associates and the Utrecht Institute for Conflict and Simulation Studies. Blending best practices in American Disaster Management for coastal and estuary environments with Dutch innovation in Serious Gaming, and supremacy in the Water Sector, Marine Disaster Simulations provides strategic foresight in the maritime food, energy, transportation, and coastal resilience sectors. Our joint venture develops strategic foresight to help navigate our Ocean’s Climate Emergency.

Analyzing the Melting Arctic

Global Disaster and Humanitarian consequences of the rapidly-changing Arctic Ocean

Our name, Blue Ocean Analytics, is an homage to the creation of an open water ocean in the Arctic. In our lifetime, it is likely we will bear witness to the first such Arctic Blue Ocean in this history of humanity–with tremendous implications for downstream climate and disaster impacts. BOA’s climate catalyzed disaster simulations integrate the downstream consequences of sea ice melt on jet stream patterns and extreme weather.

We fully support the work of the outstanding Parvati Foundation and its work towards creating a Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary

  • Protects the fragile Arctic Ocean ecosystem, which has been a peace park for thousands of years by its very nature
  • Safeguards remaining sea ice from damage by exploitation, helping to keep the planet cool
  • Helps prevent natural disasters such as forest fires, floods and droughts

Please visit the excellent Parvati Foundation for more.