Who We Are

silhouette photography of boat on water during sunset
Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

Our Story

Our story began as two seasoned Emergency Management professionals who shared a deep concern about climate change—the impact on our profession, and the impact on those we serve. After experiencing torrential flooding that devastated vulnerable communities in the Southeast US in 2016, we assumed prominent roles in response-to-relief and relief-to-resilient recovery disaster operations.

To find out much more about us and our portfolio, please contact us to request a Partnering Booket.

We co-founded Blue Ocean Analytics as an homage to the melting Arctic when it became painfully clear to us that the disaster management profession urgently needed to address the devastating potential of climate disruption and other catastrophic disasters. Our early portfolio took BOA to East Africa, North Africa, Europe, and throughout the northeast United States.

The COVID-19 pandemic escalated just as we were in the middle of international deployments. Now safely in the US once again, BOA is inspired what Jacques Attali has framed as the “Economy of Life”—those sectors that “includes every activity that makes it possible both to live during the pandemic and to emerge from the related crises (economic, financial, social and ecological) that it sustains.”

We are proud to be a women and minority-owned small business (certification pending) that embraces inclusive values and diversity as a pillar of Progressive Emergency Management. We are co-headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and Washington, DC, with a location-independent presence at the Utrecht Institute for Crisis and Conflict Simulation in the Netherlands.

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