Blue Ocean Analytics – Emergency Management for Tomorrow (BOA-EMT) is a Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance organization that recognizes the abrupt influences of climate change on our profession. More than just an acknowledgement, we set this as a central theme of our analysis, project scoping, development. It is our philosophy that climate adaptation must be integrated into all four phases of Emergency Management in order for EM systems to build true resilience to the challenges ahead.

We currently offer two products: 1) Disaster Management Subject Matter Expertise which we are operationalizing for clients to include Federal Emergency Management Agency and World Bank-funded efforts; 2) an emerging product line of strategic intelligence and training to model the impact of climate disruption on geopolitical and humanitarian systems called, “Emergency Management at +3C” or EM@+3C.

Although the portfolio of our Disaster Management SME engagements is private between BOA-EMT and our partners and clients, we can depict our worldwide engagement below:

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