BOA-EMT offers battle-tested Subject Matter Expertise in the development, implementation, and closeout of mitigation and resiliency projects that have helped to foster resilient disaster recovery, and reduce losses in future events. We have deep expertise and a successful track record in the field of Hazard Mitigation in the United States, and our collective analysis and international scope has spanned the Middle East, Central and Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands.

We are a Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance organization that recognizes the abrupt influences of climate change on our industry. More than just an acknowledgement, we set this as a central pre-requisite of our analysis and project scoping and development. We are deeply engaged with climate analysts and scientists our engagement with new research flows downstream into BOA operations.

Diversity is far more than just a checkbox with us. We are proud to be a women and minority-owned small business, and express this value with every aspect of our work.

We are committed to building capacity as we work with partners and clients so that client staff and stakeholders are better equipped to build resilience in a rapidly-changing environment.

We are here to support.

Please contact us at boa.emt.directors@gmail.com anytime.