Disaster Management

Organizations worldwide are facing an increasingly complex threat environment. The Covid-19 pandemic, the warming Arctic, changing jet stream patterns, and geopolitical, economic, and supply chain disruption events are creating an extremely volatile reality.

We believe that that disaster management is not a cycle—it’s a three- dimensional spiral. Integrating response, recovery, mitigation and preparedness with strategies to address the shocks and stressors of catastrophic disasters leads to “upward spiral” of successful adaptation. Failure to do so results in a “downward spiral” of systemic collapse for organizations at all levels.

BOA utilizes a three-phase approach to catastrophic disaster planning:


Identifying strengths and gaps

Conducting Needs Assessments and analysis on facilities, infrastructure and organizations, and evaluating the current state of resilience in preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation plans and processes.


Stress testing current processes to failure

Stress-testing plans and processes with robust catastrophic simulations. These include creative simulation design anchored cutting edge strategic forecasting and innovations in climatology, Benefit Cost Analysis methodology, and robust “serious gaming” with Dutch experts and innovators.


Synthesizing new worst case scenario plans and processes

Synthesizing simulation outputs into full life cycle Disaster Management plans and operating procedures, and/or key annexes and updates to existing processes.

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